Michael Hamm - Producer / Director

Michael graduated with a Masters in Political Science and never used it. He began as a writer in 1977 and started Frame 30 in 1980. Since then he’s been producing and directing award winning commercials, music videos, corporate films, and television projects.

As a director, he loves lifestyle and light comedy. His spots have aired nationally and regionally for such firms as Alberta Blue Cross, Telus, TV Guide, Epcor, Syncrude, ARMA, Sun Life Financial, Travel Alberta, and Edmonton Tourism. He brings fresh ideas to the table and looks at each production as a world of little stories.

Kerrie Long - Producer

Kerrie has a background in television, working on numerous long and short form shows. She teamed up with F30 in 2000 to head up the production services sector. Since then she’s produced spots for companies out of Denmark, Germany, New York, and Los Angeles. To add more weight, she took on developing and pitching our Long Format properties. She attends numerous film festivals, her big love still being commercials and well-done shorts.

Kailla MacLellan

Kailla has been working with F30 since she was … well, young. Over the years she has worked her way up the ladder, learning lighting, gripping, production management, and now producing. If anyone is going to keep your project on schedule, she will. For example, she has produced a series of spots for Lego Europe, three films for WCB, and four major Blue Cross commercials.