About Frame 30

In our world creativity is king.  Being a classic production house, we work through the client brief, arrive at the production treatment, and then put the team together.  So that what we say you’ll get, you get.  Simple. Put the money on the screen. 

And that is probably why we have garnered over 300 international, national, and regional awards since 1980. Phew! That’s a lot of hardware. 

Sometimes the work needs a special skill (special effects, camera movement, drone work etc.) and sometimes it needs the touch of a director who specializes in emotional drama And sometimes it takes time.  Some of our work takes weeks, some months, and in some cases (Syncrude, Luscar, Canmar) years.  But the creative style is always maintained. That’s experience.  That’s having the creative approach at the forefront, always. 

We carry a full entertainment insurance package, $5M in general liability, and Workers Compensation Board coverage.

Production Services/Locations:

We encourage the world to come and shoot in Canada, especially in our backyard, Western Canada. Prairies, mountains, huge rivers, bald prairie, western towns, big city look, wheat or canola fields, cowboys, urban sprawl … we have it all. Okay, we can’t provide you with a castle … but we know where one is. We have worked with production companies from Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, New York, Los Angeles, Florida, Toronto, and Montreal. 

Our crews are world renowned and our locations range from the Rocky Mountains to desert to the bald prairie to miles of grain.